Saturday, March 14, 2009

Brothers Point

We recently hiked down to Brothers Point along the East coast.  Here are a few photos of that trip.  It was pretty rainy and miserable on the way down, and I didn't take the camera out at all.  It's about a two and a half hour hike, at the end of which is a hut that consists of a fiberglass bubble that can be airlifted into place with a helicopter.
Inside, it's a bit crowded, but cosy and warm...
with a lot of condensation.

Weather for the hike back the next day was somewhat better, although with some rain, hail, and snow - and, of course, wind.  Ian and Ben headed down to Hurd Point at the South end of the island, and right into a very strong South wind while I headed back to the station.  Here's a dead elephant seal that the birds hadn't gotten very far into.  
Here's one that a bit older.

There are some Royal penguin colonies along the way.

They're particularly beautiful birds with extravagant eyebrows.

Every once in a while, a fur seal jumps up out of the tussock grasses and barks and scares the bejeesus out of you.

Here's a shallow spot that the King penguins like to lounge in.

The nuggets are about half way from Brothers Point to the station.

At Gadgets Gully, close to the station, there's a King penguin rookery with fuzzy brown chicks.  

The station - home again.  And into the spa with a book for a little relaxation!

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